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Every now and again I need to escape from the real world not because it’s not a nice place but just because I need something different sometimes, something unreal, and something magic. What helps me get away is TV…binge watching shows for hours and hours and not even having the guilt of wasting my time. Because I don’t think of it as wasting time… for me it’s just time that I have spent in another world or realm; time in another person’s life. At that point and for several moments after I stay in t
his other realm trying to sort out its problems, connecting with its people and being an active and an important person of that world. This makes me happy.

The question is why?

My life is really amazing…I have literally only first world problems and that too only because I create these problems or give enough importance to these circumstances for them to be called problems and so that I can stress over them just to feel like I have something to deal with in life. And if my life is so I don’t understand why I need to escape.

escMaybe because staying here I am becoming a person I don’t want to be. Maybe because I want the time to stop while I’m watching TV so that I don’t grow up. Maybe because reality is too real for me and I need some magic. maybe because i want to feel important and needed. Or maybe because I am just a television addict…it’s probably a little bit of everything.

Escaping gives me a break from the real world.

Let me know, if you guys also like to escape? how do you do it? And why?

P.S. You know how people call TV the idiot box…I don’t agree, I’ve learnt a lot of life lessons from a lot of different shows, it’s made  me smarter and a better person… but this is another ramble for another time.


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