Blue Valentine (2010)


I watched a movie today and felt like sharing my thoughts on it, attempted to write a review. So read this and let me know what you think.

note to self: if 2 people like this sort-of review thing, then I’ll write another. 

My thoughts on the movie ‘Blue Valentine’…

This film is about two beautiful people falling in love (obviously) but where it gets interesting is that as the movie shows us how this love story began it also shows how it comes to an end. Throughout there are 2 stories being portrayed; one of how the two meet (past) and the other, approximately 5 years in the future showing how the two have disconnected.

The concept of the movie was to show a couple falling in and out of love which according to me was very clear, though the problem lies in the story. What I saw wasn’t two people falling in love, it was more about chance/coincidence bringing two individuals together. There was clearly affection and lust between the 2 but that can not be called love. Similarly, I don’t think Dean and Cindy fell out of love, for two reasons, one that they were never in love and the other that what they had was a fallout which was very much fixable.

The one thing that I absolutely hated was that in the movie Cindy had an issue with Dean’s simplistic and minimalist life style (at least that is what i understood), which I don’t believe anyone should be judged on! Especially when their life is not interrupting your way of living. Also if the person has always been like that and you knew about it then why do they suddenly need to change!! (personally this part of the movie really bothered me)

Another issue that I had with the story was that it was portrayed (or at least I saw it that way) in such a way that Dean was always seen as being on the right where as Cindy was wrong, clearly this is not what they were trying to show or it shouldn’t be shown considering the concept they were trying to follow had nothing to do with one being right or wrong.

So my final word is, its a good movie if you want to enjoy the acting though it could have had a much better story.

P.S. If you are looking for a better romantic/drama I would suggest ‘Love and other drugs’.


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