The hundred year old man, Jonas Jonasson

Its been long scene I last wrote and I felt like sharing something. so here is a bit about a book I just read; not exactly a review, just my opinion.

( If this post gets 3 likes, I will write another similar post. ) 

The Hundred year old man by Jonas Jonasson was published in 2012 but I only had the opportunity to read it in 2017. I wonder if the author is still alive, I could google it, but some things are more fun if they are left unknown.

As the title suggests the book is about a 100 year old mans life story. Its not as boring as it sounds and surprisingly quite a fun read. The book unfolds in two parts, describing the events before and after Allan Karlsson’s 100th birthday. In his youth Allan came across a lot of adventures and dangerous events , neither of which he was searching for. After his 100th, not caring at the least if he survives the next minute, he lives each hour to the fullest. The twists in the world events,mentioned in this book, might seem boring to some and amusing to others; for me they were parts that would have made my history class a lot more interesting.

What stood-out for me the most, was the character of Allan Karlsson. He was always sure of himself, a simple minded man not ever complicating his life more than needed. A quality that I am trying to develop. He lived by 1 moto ‘Things are what they are, and whatever will be will be’.

That is pretty much it, if you are looking to read something different, try this one, its… fascinating

( If you have read the book please do let me know what you think. )

P.S. I got inspired to write today by another book, its called “I Dare You!”


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