Daily Dose

This section is for short random pieces of advice that I feel like I need to hear now and again and maybe you all feel the same way! So here it is Daily Dose of Random Advice



Want to organize your life or manage your time then make a timetable…

Step 1: write down everything that you want to do on this table

Step 2: organize it in time slots

Step 3: write in on a paper (better to have it hand written)

Step 4: hold the paper in front of your face and read it


You can’t set a time table for everyday it’s gonna make your days repetitive, generic and boring…LIVE EVERYDAY A NEW WAY!!



If something takes less than 5 minutes to do then do it right away don’t postpone it.

This advice is someone else’s but I tried it and as a certified procrastinator I can say that this really helped me get a lot of stuff done…do try it!



Inspiration can come from anywhere…keep your eyes and ears alert. You never know when you might come across something that will change your life forever.



The one thing that I remember from economics class is ‘humans have unlimited wants’. No matter what or how much we have we always wish for more…we keep making lists of the things we think we need and that’s a good thing.  But next time you start writing down the stuff you want from the grocery or from life! Just take a second to make a list of all that YOU HAVE!!…this will keep you from spending at the store and in life it will make you feel satisfied and happy